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Muchas veces la mejor manera de entender el significado de una palabra, es leer textos donde aparece dicha palabra. Por ese motivo te ofrecemos innumerables ejemplos extraidos de textos españoles seleccionados.

Feathers on the alula or bastard wing are not generally considered to be flight feathers in the strict sense, though they are asymmetrical, they lack the length and stiffness of most true flight feathers.
As it states in our debut full length, Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion, as a band, we make no claim to any one creed, deep philosophy or religion, these liner notes, written by original bass player, Dave Silber, still ring true today.
Online spoke length calculator, uses slightly different measures than the above formula,.
But I had no longer the power to move my knees tottered beneath me and I remained rooted to the spot, and gazing upon the frightful length of the rigid body as it lay outstretched in the dark coffin without a lid.
Las siglas CAVLC corresponden a las iniciales de Context-Adaptive Variable Length Coding, que traducido del inglés significa codificación adaptativa según el contexto de longitud variable.
Failure occurs when the free energy attains a peak value at a critical crack length, beyond which the free energy decreases by increasing the crack length, i.
where is the elastic energy of the system and is the crack length.
One basic assumption in Irwin's linear elastic fracture mechanics is that the size of the plastic zone is small compared to the crack length.
the size and shape of the plastic zone may change as the applied load is increased and also as the crack length increases.
where is the strain energy release rate, is the applied stress, is half the crack length, and is the Young s modulus.
for a sheet of finite width W containing a through-thickness edge crack of length a.
The length of detention is undefined, resulting in prolonged periods of detention without official charges being filed.
Esta ave in length, the Willie Wagtail is contrastingly coloured with almost entirely black upperparts and white underparts, the male and female have similar plumaje.
Line length does not relate to evolutionary distance.
Multiple independent prefetch streams with automatic length and stride detection,.

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