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Muchas veces la mejor manera de entender el significado de una palabra, es leer textos donde aparece dicha palabra. Por ese motivo te ofrecemos innumerables ejemplos extraidos de textos españoles seleccionados.

Also known for his work on Cassanova with Matt Fraction, Ba won the Best Comic Book Artist Award for his work on the Umbrella Academy.
This move is popularly known as a Chokebreaker / Choke Breaker, which is a portmanteau of this move's technical name.
Although Ellis is well known for his promotion of streaking and reimbursement for those fined while doing so, he refused to pay the cost of the fine.
Center for Disease Control, Known Cases and Outbreaks of Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever,.
También usó algunas veces el gimmick de Dean Baldwin, the purported fifth, lesser known Baldwin brother.
Later, when Arpaio learned that the color pink has a known psychological calming effect, he began dyeing sheets, socks, towels, and all other fabric items in pink.
Arpaio has also included on the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office website an online deck of cards featuring pictures of deadbeat parents, amounts owed and last known whereabouts.
This stand-in came to be known to some of the online fan base as Soy Leeb.
The Earliest Known Printed English Ballad.
Además es la autora de seis libros: What's Heaven, Ten Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Went Out Into The Real World, What's Wrong with Timmy?, What's Happening to Grandpa?, And One More Thing Before You Go y Just Who Will You Be?.
Little is known about this movie, other than Último Dragon stars, and it is a movie in the theme of a Jet Li movie.
Although Bridgwater, at the time, still owned the rights to the Earthquakes' name and logo, the team became known as the Clash at the urging of Nike, a major investor in MLS.
The earliest known sauropod dinosaur and the first steps towards sauropod locomotion.
The earliest known sauropod dinosaur.
Previously, Payne had suggested that, The toll taken by the respective terrors may never be known exactly.
El single You Wouldn't Known fue distribuido a las radios norteamericanas en febrero.
In the United Kingdom, an independent organization known as the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigates reports of police misconduct.
During the Vietnam War, anti-war demonstrations were sometimes quelled through the use of billy-clubs and CS gas, commonly known as tear gas.
Reinterpretation of Yunnanozoon as the earliest known hemichordate Revista Nature.
Los frescos decorating the open arcade known as the Gallery of Hercules were altered by Rainier III, who imported works by Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli depicting mythological and legendary heroes.
Relatively little is known of the habits and life history of Diplomystes species.
The Company's organisational model is essentially in line with the principles set forth in the Italian Stock Exchange Self-Discipline Code for Listed Companies, also known as Preda Code.
Robert Lennon takes place in a fictionalized Ithaca known as Nestor,.
The Alex Bernier Mysteries by Beth Saulnier takes place in a fictionalized Ithaca known as Gabriel,.
The known geographic distribution of the members of the Verbenaceae and Avicenniaceae.
The National Marine Fisheries Service, also known as NOAA Fisheries, is the direct descendant of the U.
The first method, known as pencil blue because it was most often applied by pencil or brush, could be used to achieve dark hues.
Women dyed the cloth in most areas, with the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Manding of Mali particularly well known for their expertise.
Grey nurse shark in Byron Bay - one of the worlds known congregation areas for Grey Nurse sharks,.
# #tío#, the use of this word is somewhat similar to that of English , when applied to persons whose names are not known.

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