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Muchas veces la mejor manera de entender el significado de una palabra, es leer textos donde aparece dicha palabra. Por ese motivo te ofrecemos innumerables ejemplos extraidos de textos españoles seleccionados.

LABORDA YNEVA, José, Zaragoza: guía de arquitectura / an architectural guide, Zaragoza, Caja de Ahorros de la Inmaculada de Aragón, D.
UC Berkeley's Raphael Bousso gives an introductory lecture on the holographic principle - Video.
An introduction to dynamic meteorology, James R.
Geoffrey Norris, Humming fit for an Emperor.
Angle an final gana Tomko luego aparece Karen y esta muy enojada con AJ.
Cryptocoryne siamensis: An enigmatic aquarium plant.
An essay in several parts on the link between the ecology of the plant and the subsequent market structure, en inglés.
De pronto Gandalf, tomó una tea llameante y la arrojó al vacío gritando en élfico Naur an edraith ammen! Naur dan i ngaurhoth!.
An introduction to the study of insects.
Su álbum Bert an John es una muestra de ello.
Johannes en Neoburgo an der Kammel-Edelstetten,.
Hobson, contribuidor principal de The New Age, publicó National Guilds: An Inquiry into the Wage System and the Way Out.
In an old desk Raymond found a stamping outfit, he tried to make a stamp with his name but it did not turn out well.
When proper names are qualified by an adjective, the definite article is used.
# #no sé qué# has an adjective force, translate by.
# #se muriera se comieran,# subjunctives in substantive clauses after , an expression of feeling or emotion.
# #lo más claro#, the neuter article is used before masculine adjectives having an abstract meaning.
# #suelte#, subjunctive in an adverbial clause introduced by.
# #encendiese#, imperfect subjunctive after in an elliptical sentence, with a present condition contrary to fact.
# #reventando sangre#, the girl’s lips look so red that they seem to be on the point of bursting from an over-supply of blood.
# #fina y malva#, is used here as an adjective and refers to the color of the flower of the mallow, a delicate pink.
# #no sé qué# gives an idea of vagueness and strangeness.
# #por no perder#, followed by an infinitive frequently expresses purpose.
# #se levantara#, subjunctive after , an expression of wish.
# #sumió la enorme boca desdentada hasta la nuca#, the lips lacking the support of the teeth, sink inward, obviously, it is an exaggeration to say that they sink as far back as the nape of the neck.
crazy person la #locución# locution, phrase la #locura# madness #lograr# to achieve, accomplish el #lomo# back of an animal.
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